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The One Penny Millionaire!™ is now being offered on a Love Offering basis only. You enter the amount you feel appropriate to you when you go to the Pay Now button, and whatever that amount is, you will receive the seminar.

The cost of The One Penny Millionare!™ Seminar formerly was $1295.00 and now you can receive it at your choice! Most people tithe the amount of unexpected income they receive when doing the work over the course of one year. You can go back at any time and elect to receive the seminar and tithe additional amounts, because you are never charged except by your own choice.

Please note: All materials for The One Penny Millionaire!™ and its affiliates, are copyrighted and trademarked and cannot, without express written permission be duplicated, transferred, used, or in any way altered without specific written permission from The One Penny Millionaire!™ This one time free use of this material is extended via this one download from this one website only, and is for your personal use, enjoyment, and joyous fulfillment of your true human potential. May you achieve all of your dreams!

Since there is no payment necessary in order to receive this seminar, you can go back and download the seminar again at any time to make another payment as your money flow increases! The payment of choice would by via Paypal. Enjoy! Tom.



 Another invitation for you is to provide a Love Offering through buying any one, or all of the offered e-books, all of which will support you in completing the seminar as successfully as possible!

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Learn How To Develop A Peak Performance Mindset

*Tom has been interviewed by Newsweek, Essence, Lowes, Sedona, and AOL America Online for his work.

Ever been frustrated?

Ever want to break through that frustration to better results?

Without question, every single participant who has ever taken The One Penny Millionaire!® online seminar, has had a major breakthrough in their life.

Thousands of people have already gone from "I can't" to "I certainly can!"

"The One Penny Millionaire!® was, and is, always there for me at just the right times, with a care and presence that seems to know just what I need to help me help myself. There were many times when I just didn't know what to do, except to do the suggested tasks each week and for that I will be forever grateful. The love, integrity, and wisdom, that Tom has put into the work, continues to have a profound influence on my life, even through some of the most harrowing times I've ever been through. From the bottom of my heart, thank you my friend." Peter Elgie, Educator.

Now it's possible for you:

It's called Wealth With Heart©

 How? How does this happen? With clear, well defined, already proven steps, step by step, one step at a time.


"I always wanted to just be given the steps to take, so that I could have a change in how much money I made. I was so surprised to find out that there are clear steps I could take, and so I took the invitation and now I'm at a hugely better place right now, than I was just six months ago." Becky S. One Penny Millionaire!(tm) participant.

You've felt it right at your fingertips for years, now you can do it:

Unlock your passion!


"I was sitting with Tom, when he began to do energy work with me. All of a sudden, in the middle of thinking about things in my life, I burst into tears, realizing a core issue that was holding me back from allowing in all the good things I so wanted. It was in the breaking through to this grief which my mind was locking in place, but my heart knew all about, that I was able to free my energy up. Tom has this way of getting directly to the 'heart' of the matter, and in getting to my heart, I have begun an incredible healing process. I thank you Tom, from the bottom of my heart." Emily Shaules-www.rawbreakthrough.com


The  provides the tools, techniques and technology for transformation. You will easily be able to use the valuable tools available through this program—and, their use will support you as you achieve abundance in your life.

You receive one week at a time, for thirty weeks in a row, via e-mail, so that you have enough time to create your goals, and then use the tools, techniques, and processes to actually achieve those goals. Because you deserve the time!

              The One Penny Millionaire!tm is a safe place 

where you can find out just what greatness can come out of you.

This is where you can unlock your passion.

"I had a serious 'fear block' in my subconscious for three years. When I worked with Tom Wright it only took one experience to release that fear. This single process from his seminar "The One Penny Millionaire!®" enabled me to regain my balance in life. By releasing that fear the same energy has allowed me to go forward in 'leaps and bounds' where the blockage once kept me in a state of 'indecision' to go forward. One guidance session with Tom has drastically changed my time schedule-I have more of it. I don't waste time worrying about futile things." Angela Clarke, Drums Lead Studios/author, Band Together.

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You receive breakthrough training for the creation of:


  • Abundance 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Maintaining intimate relationships 
  • Effective goal setting 
  • Personal presentation 
  • Heart path alignment 
  • Successful manifestation of desires 
  • Money manifestation technology 
  • Satisfaction achievement 
  • Joyous living
  • Ways to attain love, prosperity, wealth, health
  • Life path choosing 
  • Increasing personal power 
  • Enrolling others in your dream 
  • Staying inspired 
  • Choosing your life purpose 
  • Creation tools 
  • Communication enhancement techniques
  • Life skills 
  • And breakthrough work for success, transformation, and time management

You get 30 years of experience in 30 weeks

 Transformational Technology From The Heart!





For those of you not ready to “jump right in” to the complete seminar, here’s Week One just for you! (at the special rate of $59.95)

(without bibliography and personal coaching from Tom that is included in the complete seminar):



Weekly Seminar Previews

Week 1: Beginnings

This is where the drudgery becomes THE PLAN. When you've got a PLAN you have a way to accomplish your goals.

What's love got to do with it? Everything! When you play, you do okay. In Week One find out the real meaning behind playing your way to success. Unlock your heart, and unlock your abundance. You can do it, find out how. Get the real tools and use the real techniques, for success. Your success!

Week 2: Obstacles

Yes, there are things to do! The good news is, you are given the exact steps to take, so all you have to do is take up the invitation, and walk up to your goals!

This seminar picks right up where we often forget to begin, because the focus here is on "how to be" in order to create and keep your wealth: or the increase in anything that is important to you. In Week Two you are personally guided through the initial process of aligning your thoughts and actions to ready yourself for the abundance that will flow into and more importantly, out from your life. Because what you give out, you live out! Get Ready!

Week 3: Asking for Answers

There are two types of information. One, is information, it goes in, and it goes out. The other we call do-formation, and it's information that causes you to take action. The One Penny Millionaire!(tm) is all about do-formation.

Why ask for answers? Because information is power and knowing what you really want is the key to having it. In Week Three, you’ll also get the answer to one of the most important questions Tom asks, which is: "Who is in control?" Each week completes with a list of tasks, some real "to do" things, that will always support your success. Prepare Yourself For Wealth!

Week 4: Processes

Two key differences between those who succeed and those who don't are: their responses to failure and their resilience. Learn some of life's most creative methods for staying inspired and not giving up. In Week Four, Tom also explains the Achievement Process and shares how you can learn the secrets of successful individuals who paved the path for you. Follow the wisdom of those who have succeeded before you!

Week 5: Appreciation and Acknowledgment

Sharpening our awareness = Power + Empowerment. In Week Five, you will learn invaluable techniques for increasing your internal and external awareness. As part of this week’s program, Tom discusses the profound wisdom of practicing appreciation and acknowledgement, and the value of establishing predetermined measures of success. Discover the One Penny Millionaire’s!™ secrets for success through determining your conditions of satisfaction.

Week 6: Serenading Your Support System


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